Mark Edge Jewelry

Just finished up a commercial :30 for Mark Edge!  His Fall 2014 collection is out...of...control.  Such beautiful workmanship.  I've been a fan of Mark's work for years and these pieces do not disappoint.  More than anything it's their versatility that amazes me; he really knows how to craft jewelry with modern yet timeless appeal.  It's amazing to see the ease with which a necklace or a bracelet transitions from casual wear to formal elegance.   

The spot is a sensory, environmental piece about the process of "getting ready" for a grand evening out---the ritual, the pomp, the anticipation.   We tried to harness that satisfying feeling of an ensemble coming together via the perfect accessories, that skip in your step as you waltz out the door.

Big ups on the talented crew I worked with! 

Erin Murray  Actress

Jill Veysey   Design/Styling/Art Direction

Yesenia Boyer   Makeup/Hair

KJD  Direction/Camera/Editing

Also, a big thanks to Mary Stanley on the use of her amazing home!