Happy Holidays / Snowpocalypse 2011!

Christmas and New Year's holidays were incredibly productive as I was able to finish three character portraits over the break!  We introduced a new medium format camera to the mix (Mamiya 6x7, a la Bob Butler) and there was plenty of coffee, Hankook tacos, and many fun wardrobe experiments along the way.  

I was delighted to work with Miss Hannah Fierman again, and of course Sir Troy (as always).


Photo by Kelly BlackmonPhoto by Kelly Blackmon

I had such a fun time with Miss Julia Badovinac as well!  This is our second collaboration (first photog) and she was, as always, a pleasure.


Photo by Jason Travis


Photo by Jason Travis


Photo by Jason Travis

I'm extremely excited about the finished product, and can't wait to share.

Thanks to friends Kelly B and JTrav for their creative presence, general assistance, and these killer 'Behind The Scenes' shots. 

And a big thanks to Megan, Ronda, and the House Rabbit Society.  In the famous words of Bill & Ted: You'll see!