I'm Still Trying To Figure That Part Out

I just finished up a short project from early 2010---a little character sketch, as I've been calling it.  I'm very pleased with the end result and feel that the tone is just right.  This is due in no small part to MP Walker's lovely score.

I'd like to thank the Jamies: Miss Jamie Bradley and the very talented Jamie Hopper, whose photographic body of work is simply breathtaking.  I believe this is her first short film project.

I was thrilled to direct a character piece without the crazy production constraints I'm used to---it was refreshing and fun, reminding me of film school days. It was especially exciting due to my longstanding desire to work with Miss Bradley in any capacity whatsoever.  She is just that awesome.

Oh, and props to Mr James Abercrombie for the little title page at the end! ;)

Check it out, if you so desire, on the film page.


production stills by Jamie Hopper